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  2. Hot Love: How to Date a Younger Man to Darkthrone
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  4. Hot Love: How to Date a Younger Man to Darkthrone

Mary Weiss gives voice to the teenaged female gaze via a lovingly detailed portrait of a delinquent dreamboat. This perfect specimen has unruly hair, dirty fingernails, tight pants and always looks bummed out.

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Weiss revels in all of it. In her hands, the same tropes that seem so normal in any number of songs by men are revealed for how morbid and even pathological, though maybe deeply human, they are. It could be seen as an ambivalent celebration of the naughty ones. It not as straightforward as when Gloria Estefan sang about the bad boys that made her feel so good, just the year before. The lyrics are mostly about respect, while the nasty groove is mostly about getting nasty.

The bad boys can be as bad as they want, as long as they address her properly and respect her clearly established boundaries.

Dating a younger man

Is your type skinny, pale and bespectacled? Truth is, they all have her heartbeat running away. Lo drives home with this racy love song.

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Admittedly, she objectifies herself on this tune more than her beau with casual references to her legs and hourglass figure, but the video has become inseparable from the song, and it has another point to make entirely. As you can tell just from rolling the clips in this list, Lopez is far from the first female pop star to decorate a music video with lots of shirt-free beefcake, but the skit at the beginning of the video where Lopez laughs while shooting down a bunch of sexist concept for her video is beyond righteous and particularly poignant coming from an artist whose physique has sometimes eclipsed her music talent, at least in the minds of some.

The satirical song is meant expose the racist attitudes in popular culture that hyper-sexualize Asian women, while portraying Asian men as undesirable. The lyrics beat the listener about the head and shoulders with her point as if it were a large floppy dildo: It also cornered the market early on mature meteorological metaphors. Leave your umbrellas at home, but please use protection. I still smell a statutory situation. Sting tells us about a young teacher it happens to be him during his teaching days that some of the school girls have a crush on.

People are speculating that something is going on with this teacher and one of his pupils.

Hot Love: How to Date a Younger Man to Darkthrone

Good for you, Police, for staying on the right side of the law. I can tell you there are plenty of guys who have or have had a crush on one of their teachers. Van Halen just made this coming-of-age milestone into a song. Somewhere Mary Kay Letourneau is listening to this song on her iPod. I respect the vulnerability expressed on this track, though.

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Kelly wrote and produced this one. Oh, yeah, he also scandalously and illegally eloped with Aaliyah when she was Once again, we meet a young, male lover who aims to please his woman. The rest is history….

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Rod Stewart falls for the woman who stole his heart, and she ended up making a fool out of him. She wanted physical, and he got emotional. When he recorded it, he was dating Janis Hunter, the daughter of jazz guitarist, Slim Gaillard. The problem is that Janis was…you guessed it, Marvin was literally twice her age.

The two eventually married, had two children, and got divorced. Why did this song become a hit?

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  4. Why do I find myself singing this song in the car? The first lines of the song tell you that Benny is in love with a year-old, and other people rightfully do not approve. Someone get Chris Hansen on the line right.

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    The Police are no strangers here see: Sting is one hell of a songwriter. With that talent, comes a complicated tale that essentially has two different interpretations. Sting takes on the persona of a curious, young paramour who is wrapped around the finger of an older woman who happens to be married. Eventually, Sting gets hip to the game that his lover is playing and turns the tables on her.

    Instead of him being wrapped around her finger, she becomes wrapped around his…presumably because of the physical aspect of their affair. That does it for me. This age gap thing has been going on since the beginning of time. Ugh…I need to take a shower because some of these songs make me feel grimy. Did I leave something off? Let me know your thoughts. There was a time that 10yr age gaps were the norm.

    Hot Love: How to Date a Younger Man to Darkthrone

    Your ladies mature faster than boys their age and are natually attracted to men a bit older. How much older depends on the young lady. I had fun putting this list together, though. Nicks wrote it after John Lennon and her uncle died. There are some lines, however, that could be interpreted as cougarish. Dennis DeYoung was definitely in his mids when he was writing about this 17 year old girl who was, quote, a woman every night. I plugged in three terms to Google: You are commenting using your WordPress.

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