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  1. How Alluring Are Dark Personalities? The Dark Triad and Attractiveness in Speed Dating
  2. A tutorial on analyzing data from speed-dating studies with heterosexual dyads
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One hundred and seventy. Finally, 90 participants 46 women aged 18 to. Most participants were single; six indicated being in. Eighty-three participants were students, and 29 had jobs. No participant had children. Narcissism was assessed with the Narcissistic. Personality Inventory Revised German version by. Zimmermann, with 40 Items on a 4-point Likert-typ e. Psychopathy was assessed with the Levenson Self-. Machiavellianism was assessed with the Machiav ellianism.

The Big Five traits Neuroticism, Extraversion,. Openness, Agreeableness , and Conscientiousne ss were. John, with 21 items on a 5-point Likert-type scale. Upon arrival at the s peed-dating event, each participant re-. In the following, we refer to. Photos were taken by a professiona l.

All raters judged the PA of each participant on a 7-point.

Likert-type scale ranging from not attractive at all to very at-. Because PA ratings given by speed-dating partici-. PA ratings obtained from external. We mostly followed the procedure of Ase ndorpf et al.

How Alluring Are Dark Personalities? The Dark Triad and Attractiveness in Speed Dating

All three speed-dating sessions took place at 5. Men and women entered the main. After having taken standard. The dates took place in specially prepared booths in.

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Women were asked to take seats in the booths be-. They sat with the back to the booth entrance and stayed in. Analyses were also carried out without these persons. The pattern of results. Moreover, all of these persons indicated that they wanted to. Thus, these persons were kept in the sample to. Contrary to the rating data, this information was actually used for informing.

A tutorial on analyzing data from speed-dating studies with heterosexual dyads

After half of the dates, a pause. Also following the procedure of Asendorpf et al. Speed-dating studies yield a complex hierarchical data. Relationship and error which cannot be common ly. We assessed perceiver and target effects using multilevel. MLM allows for the estimation of per-. Model est imation was performed in. SPSS 22 using the. MIXED module with restricte d maximum likelihood estima -. In the MLM, dyadic interactions level 1 are nested. All factors were modelled in exact corre-. In the main analyses of target. In all analyses, only dates in wh ich par-.

Prior to estimating perceiver and target effects on the in -. To this end, generalized reciprocity refers to the. Physical attractiveness 9 2. Is a person who rates others as desirable also perceive d. Does liking a particular person go al ong with being. In order to obtain stan-. The three DT variables were in cor-. In a further step, we added potential control.

Questions Ic and IIc. Finally, to ensure comparability to pre-. SRM analyses using the formulae provided by Kenny et al. Data and syntax in. Descriptives, sex differences, and. Normality of all variables was assessed by means of the. On average, women were chosen for further dates by.

Speed dating graz postgarage

Women were also perceived. Table 1 shows the descriptive statistics and intercorrela-. The th ree DT traits showed sub-. As target and perceiver effects for STM ratings one-night. Thus, all subsequent analyses focus on SR M pa-. Perceiver and target components accounted. As can be seen in Table 3, there wa s a negative generalized. The same trend wa s apparent for actual mate.

Question Ia and b: The Dark Triad and target effects of mate. In women, narcissism and.

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Machiavellianism, in contrast, was negatively associated. Standardization was performed on the bases of pairwise data for SRM var-. The effect of psy-. The other effects were not moder-. Target effects associated with the Dark Triad. We sought to evaluate to what extent the relationships be-.

PA and extraversion as additional predictors. In men, controlling for PA also led. PA by itself was associated with.

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These effects appear to be more prono unced in. The same analyses were performed for extraversion as a. Table 5 Model II shows the. Actual choice Friendship Short-term relationship Long-term relationship. SRM variance partitioning for the involved rating variables. Relative percentage of variance in dating record variable accounted for by SRM component. SRM, social relations model. Extraversion was not associated with being chosen as. Question IIa and b: The Da rk Triad and perceiver effects of.

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DT traits on choosing and perceiving others Table 6. In men, narcissis m displayed negative associati ons with. None of the perceiv er. Perceiver effects associated with the Dark. Triad corrected for important covariates.